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The idea is simple. Let’s teach each other about each other. About our health and wellbeing. And about our illnesses. Furthermore, let's dispense this knowledge to our surroundings. Because an illness changes with perception, and this perception can make all the difference in the way we live.

Student run. For the student in each of us.

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Medicine would not exist without the sharing of stories and experience. A patient, upon describing his or her ailment, becomes a storyteller.  The physician then becomes an active listener, translating the story to the world of science and medicine. These stories intertwine the physical effects of the illness with the sociological ones; and it is this mixture that serves as a gateway to the world of medicine.

We're traveling back from the world of science and medicine to the world we live in. And you can help. By sharing your story, you will help us develop a new way to put a face to an illness, and in turn, destigmatize it.  

Note: We typically prefer stories to be 500-1000 words long. These questions are meant to be guidelines for you. If you have a complete story please paste the entire story in the "When did your experience with your illness start?" form and type N/A into the remaining required boxes.

Once you submit this form we will complete a round of edits to communicate your story in the most effective way and screen for typos. We will also ask for a headshot to include with your story. We do not accept posts on mental health policy, drugs and treatments, fundraising, promotion of books, films, music, or poetry.

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We are currently collaborating with The Lives of Others, Mind Your Head Oxford, and StoryTaler on storytelling and would love to share your story on their websites as well so you can make a bigger impact.
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