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The idea is simple. Let’s teach each other about each other. About our health and wellbeing. And about our illnesses. Furthermore, let's dispense this knowledge to our surroundings. Because an illness changes with perception, and this perception can make all the difference in the way we live.

Student run. For the student in each of us.


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Lucy R.

Samia Shahnawaz

My experience with Anxiety and Depression started around 7 years ago when I was 14. At the time I was living with an alcoholic mother in an unstable home. There were a lot of fights between my mother and my step dad.

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Jessica R.

Neha Kinariwalla

My experience with mental illness started January 2016. I didn't realize that I was suffering from depression until my family brought it to my attention out of concern for me. I was slowly shutting down in all aspects of my life.

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